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10:30 – 11:00am - Snack Time

Milk and Snack are provided by us.  Should your child dislike milk, you may provide juice in a named container which you should leave by the fridge inside the room. The children sit at tables in small groups unless we are celebrating a birthday / festival where they will all sit together.  Each child has their own milk card with their name on one side and a picture on the other.  Older children have Numbers, Shapes and Colours.  The cards enable the children to recognise name, number, shape etc and they choose their own card before being given their snack.  We keep a daily record of each child’s choice of snack.

12 Noon - Home Time

A member of staff will open the door and on seeing the parent / carer, will call their child to them.  Paintings and children’s work will be on the art dryer / table in the entrance hall.  If anyone else is collecting your child, you must have previously notified Playgroup staff or telephone before the end of the session granting permission.


09:30 – 10:30am - Free Play

The children are free to choose from the various toys and activities provided. A craft / cooking table is available throughout the session and although children are encouraged to join the activity, there is not pressure to do so.  We organise activities around set themes (newsletters / notice boards will display information).  Please do not be disappointed if your child does not bring something home every day (they may be engaged in other activities). Although we provide aprons, we would advise you to send your child in old clothes.

09:00 – 09:30am - Arrival

Please wait in the entrance hall until we open.  Keep up to date with information on the Notice Board and Tables.

11:00 – 11:30am - Tidy-Up Time

All children help to clear away the toys.  We update the Weather Chart – children taking turns to record the weather. Sit down on carpet whilst waiting to put on coats (if needed).  Line up for Outdoor Play (weather permitting).  Please leave your child’s coat at the group – some children travel by car and do not always have coats with them – they may need them for outdoor play. Return inside and hang up their own coats etc.

11:30 – 11:55am - Story Time

The children all sit together on the carpet for story, rhyme time and action rhymes.  They share any news they have and we recall the things we have done throughout the session. Staff help children with their coats etc.  It would be most helpful if you could put your child’s name clearly on their coat as not all children recognise their coats.  Prevents confusion and delay.

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